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Apologies, Updates and Announcements

I should've done some prescheduled reposts.
I could've done some prescheduled new posts. 
So please accept my sincere apologies for not posting anything
all last week. 
I have a good reason.

I'm glad to say that I finished my final midterm on Thursday. 
Not gonna even look back. 

Moving forward to finish the books releasing in April and May.
Prepare for my author events in April and May.
Really focusing on keeping my Lenten season committments.
Giving up unforgiveness for Lent
in this season of my life was the best "decision" EVER!

Shante Smith shared the special status of the day (twice) for February FB Page contest
and won this eBook and mp3 album.

So the apologies and updates are done. 
Here is the announcement. 

This is a HUGE honor. 
Like a BIG deal. 
I'm uber excited and very thankful. 
God is so amazing. 

In honor of this awesome development
I'm giving away a paperback copy of 
My Crowning Glory details to come.
Enter, share, win and please tell a friend. 

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