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Nugget Seven from #Marriage Beginning 7th Year

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Already today I've learned a season in our marriage and life together has ended but the nuggets I receive from God never will. On the first day of our 7th year together I learned, in relationship with Christ, family, friends and others but especially my husband I must rely on God to make ours an exceptional relationship and to keep us happy to be together.


  1. This is very good advice. Even though I have been reading your marriage “nuggets” I have not responded. As I hit on six years of marriage I would have to say that I learned the hard way. I did not come to God first but everyone else. This led to more problems, and after some counseling and some spiritual advice we were back on track. Love what you are doing. Good post! I just started my own website Check it out

  2. Thank you for your feedback. I Praise God anytime He touches someone through me. God bless you!


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