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Oh How He Loves

Not because I'm perfect...no greater lie would I have told
I'm healthy
I'm breathing
I'm alive
He sees and knows my heart
He loves my warts and warm fuzzies
He loves me flaws and all
Even after peering into the recesses of my soul
God loves imperfect me.
Peering into the depths of my desires
He still uses me
Not because of my gifts, disposition, talents or skills
He loves me...
Just because He does
He chooses to love me

Amazing to know He chooses love
My heart skips a beat each day at least once
I'm assured of His love
Not because of what He's given me
He is innately good
He's never lied 
He won't forsake me
I'm in the palm of His hand
Because I believe what God says
Oh How He loves me! 

He loves you too! 

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