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Worth it Wednesdays: Beautiful Feet

Summer is upon us which means most of us have donned sandals, wedges and flip flops
Since toes are out, many of us have visited the local nail shops. 
We don't want to be seen without our feet done
So we break out the pumice stone, soaking tin and get to work!

Let's make sure we take time to get our spiritual pedicure's done
We can start this summer
But maintain it all year long. 
Some plant, some water and God gives the increase
Having "pretty spiritual feet" requires maintenance and work.

For some door knocking is the preferred way of spreading the Good news
Not for me. I prefer a more personal approach, it sometimes requires more of my time 
But for every believer I know it requires knowing what a soul is worth.
Christ believed it was worth dying for...I believe it's worth spiritual pedicures

Soaking your feet in oils and treated water is important to soften the skin
Spending time in Holy Spirit filled worship with other people and alone softens the heart
A good pumice stone will help remove the dead skin and reveal new healthy skin
A consistent prayer life will help replace selfish mindsets and deadly habits with the mind of Christ

Quality lotions and oils moisturize and rejuvenate from heel to toe
Quality time studying God's word rejuvenates heart, mind and soul
Polish makes the feet appealing
Reflecting the image of Christ makes a relationship with Him appealing

 Spring is almost over and summer will soon be here.
While you're beautifying, preparing, primping and priming your physical body
Continue to maintenance and beautify your spirit and soul.
Every soul is worth it!
Beautiful are the feet of those who carry the good news!

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