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Monday Meditation aka Time to Reflect on His Word

This scripture has been rustling through my spirit since September 2012.
I begin asking God to show me what He has in store for me for the coming 
calendar year. I also pray for strength to finish everything for the last quarter.

First glimpse at 2013, I was a little intimidated. 
Actually I was more like...

God must have sent me a message for me and someone else. 
Someone else with more...something. 
Then I heard him ask did I trust Him. 

I used to hate when God asked me that question. 

I said, I used to, but now I don't. 
Anytime I've  had to answer that question, 
things worked out for my good in the end.
So I said, yes!

My Daddy taught me a long time ago. 
Today as I looked over the course syllabi for my first semester back in college
God reminded me of  His word. 
I will because I said I can. 
I say I can because His word says...

Think about the thing God placed in your heart to do.
Have you started taking steps toward it?
What are you waiting for...
More money...
More time...
More support...

You have what you need already. 

Study Philippians 4:13 until you know it deep down in your
Body, Heart, Spirit, Soul and Mind

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