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Cyber Monday Sale GET IT WHILE IT IS HOT!

That is right for all the people "like me" who didn't want to face the frenzy of the bargain hunters on Friday, 
one of the most wonderful sales of the year is here. It is CYBER MONDAY!
Stuff the online stockings of your eReading friends with a free eBook. 

Download a free copy for your eReader today. If you want to get to know the characters and start the Wholeness series from book one grab Love Is...the first novel and work your way forward.

You can grab the entire series for under $20. That is a Cyber Monday deal you'll enjoy not just today. 

Just having a little Post Thanksgiving end of NanoWriMo fun with you! Thanks for stopping by and for being such good sports. Here is a cyber hug. From me to you, for being such a good sport. 

Don't you just love Snoopy, he was a writer too. 

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