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Liquid Story Binder, the software supercharged my novel writing. Please Retweet

For as long as I can remember I've been a bit of an organization freak. My husband helped me overcome the borderline obsessive compulsiveness by helping me realize that if I don't wash dishes as soon as their put in the sink the world won't come to an end. It took a year but it worked. I no longer freak out if the house is not spic and span perfect clean. But that is a different blogpost for another day. This is about how much I love organizing things.

 Plot & Structure: (Techniques And Exercises For Crafting A Plot That Grips Readers From Start To Finish) (Write Great Fiction) by James Scott Bell introduced me to the index card system and erased my I have how much more of this story to write overwhelming sensation. Now Liquid Story Binder has helped me to move that principle into the digital world with additional bells and whistles that are so good, I'll tell everyone who asks how it helped me.

What is funny is that I found it because I needed a PC version of Storyist which I found online when I googled writer's software. That beautiful piece of work was my first choice but, since I am a "PC" and fighting the tug most creatives feel when looking at an Apple computer I opted to try Liquid Storybinder. I couldn't wrap my mind around spending $1600 for a $40 software.

I found myself on Storyist Facebook page and see a post by another PC user who stated she had all of her needs met in LSB. I checked it out, downloaded the fully stocked trial version and promptly fell in love.

Pros: I'll try to keep it to the top 5.
1. Unlimited organization tools: timelines, listings, planners, builders, scene, galleries, storyboards and I'll stop now but there is more.

2. Customization of colors to differentiate projects and simply to match the mood of the story.

3. Character dossiers, journals and the ability to do full back story development in one place without having to keep up with multiple documents under fifty different names.

4. Word count, project goals and other productivity tools all in one place and able to keep you on track.

5. Picture gallery. This allows me to create visual aids for the world and characters as well as save images I find on professional art sites to use for the covers. (I'll address this topic on my publishing site SC-Creations.)

Most people who review LSB say the only downside is that you may get lost trying to use all of the features, gadgets and options. I believe you can avoid this by reading thoroughly through their website to find what you want once you know how you want to do it.

For example. I like to write by scenes in a way that will record the word count. When you look over the list of how to's they have created a nicely detailed way to find which of the tools will help you do this.

While the regular cost for the software is $45 dollars a google search for coupons and specials should help you have a lifetime use license for $25 or less. They're having a sell right now, $22.50. Check em out.  

For full disclosure they do have an affiliate program but I am not a member. I used the reviews of others who used the software to make my decision and believe it is only right I do one too, to help anyone else trying to make up their mind. Read their website, download it for free, you won't be sorry.

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