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Read through my blog and you'll see I've always loved God and I always wanted to be a writer.
In high school I planned to become a forensic psychologist to be able to write about my most fascinating cases and help rid the world of evil people. 
Fast forward twenty years and I learned if all of the jobs I wanted to do encompassed writing... that is what I should be doing. 

I've read everything under the sun with exception of horror and the vampire craze. 
My favorite genres are romance with and without sex scenes as long as its well written, women's fiction, chick lit, thrillers, professional development and a well written authentic non gossipy memoir or biography... and of course poetry. Yes... I get down with Nikki, Maya, Alicia and Tupac to name those known by the mainstream reader and many unrecognized names. 

Writing Christian fiction for the last ten years has not been fun. To be honest these have been the hardest things I've had to write. The stories and characters were very personal and I struggled with if I could be honest in my writing because of "church folk". 

As I finished plotting the last books in the Wholeness series I waited to see what Christian fiction I'd write next......

Bottom line is I never wanted to be constrained to one genre. I was kinda concerned though... I didn't want to let down readers by changing and when I polled readers... you said you wanted more real stories. You're tired of canned Christian fiction formula. Then my divorce happened and I had to take time to adjust and all writing stopped...

As I've finished the series I've enjoyed the first part.... FINISHING. 
Nothing against the genre... I don't really read it exclusively anymore... haven't for years .... 
Writing the Natural Sistahs series and other books under my Street Lit pen name I had more fun than I could recall having outside of the Yellow Ribbon Collection writing than I'd had in years. 

So this is where the buck stops. 
LOVING MY RESULTS will be the last book to be considered "Christian fiction" from me. 
I'll continue to give updates as they come in the app about some of the reader's favorite characters but there won't be anymore of this genre of books. 

I'll continue to write nonfiction Christian books but if I'm going to write fiction from now on it's going to be enjoyable... will there be Christian characters in my future novels?
Of course. 

I'll be including all people in my books going forward.
Characters will be black, white, Latino, people of Asian descent and 
Middle Eastern ancestry in my books. 
They will reflect the world I live in while 
being entertaining and despite not being "christian fiction" 
they'll all be full of God Inspired Girl Power. 

There is no rule anywhere that says because my style of writing is GOD INSPIRED GIRL POWER books that I can't write romance, chick lit, thrillers, urban fantasy, urban fiction, dystopian fiction, or anything else I want to write from any other genre.

The truth of the matter is every book I write will be GOD INSPIRED GIRL POWER because I draw my inspiration from GOD and I'm all about girl power. This is more than my "tagline" it's part of who I am. Moment I embraced this I felt free to move forward and write more books... 
to write what I know. 
Some reviews people say my characters are too physically intimate and 
in Christian fiction they consider what I write edgy... 
for others I'm too conservative... 
truth is all I can do and will do going forward is be me. 

Writing the Wholeness series was a chapter in my life. That chapter has ended.
Now I'm moving on to the next and writing what is in my heart. 
Good, bad, ugly and in between. I could pretend to like doing this and keep writing because the "Christian fiction" genre is where I started. I won't.
Then I'd be in danger of losing something very important, 
the one thing I need to be able to continue to write GOD INSPIRED GIRL POWER... 
I'd be at risk of losing me. 

Almost happened one time too many for me to be able to ignore the signs. 
So instead I'll be honest with you and hope you'll give the new books and series a chance. 
The heart of who I am will be on every page and I'm looking forward to sharing it....
Hopefully you'll agree when the first books come out... 
my hope and prayer is they'll be the most inspiring, 
fun group of women characters written by me, you and I have ever met. 

Something WONDERFUL This Way Comes

Facebook memories are a great place for me to erase old things most days. As a social media platform overall it is one of my least favorite.I'd probably delete it if I could... but I digress. 

Every now and again the "memories to look back on" bring up something that inspires more than the delete button. Like this post about the importance of embracing our failures. This television show helped a very emotionally drained life turned topsy turvy me as I soldiered on through my divorce. 

Relying on God to help me with my studies and caring for my daughter were the best parts of those days as I inched along through the day to day parts of my life. I'd told my ex-husband I knew he "fancied" another lady at our church two years prior to the demise of our marriage. I watched him pursue her despite the papers not being filed for our divorce. Thanked God for not allowing me to internalize his decisions while also taking full responsibility for my part in our marriage ending...again, I digress. 

This Facebook post reminded me of all of the amazing things I've learned now that I embrace my failures. As I approach the end of my undergraduate studies and prepare to enter my graduate studies I'm thankful for every lesson and blessing.  Life has taught me so much more than I'd ever imagined in the failures as well as pursuing my dreams. Doesn't hurt that teaching is one of my "spiritual gifts" according to all of the ministerial training from my "church days", which may be a reason I love students (including being one). 

2013 was also the last year I led the Diamond Butterfly small group at my former church. As I prepare to launch a new author course, I'm also outlining a FREE online self-led version of Diamond Butterfly based on the devotionals. Check to make sure you don't miss it. 

Speaking of the "good ol'days" I've rebooted my way before it's time online Christian book interview show "Faithful Folios Tv" to it's new 3.0 version. There will be more posts about Christian books, book events, and authors to get to know with the explosion of eBooks and the decline of the Christian fiction genre for several reasons... I believe it's the least I can do for some of my favorite people in the world... readers. 

Reading is still one of my favorite things to do. I've totally revamped the app I built for you to give you more of what you want and starting March 1st all of the reader features you told me you'd like in the survey from last year will be LIVE. So thankful and excited to be able to have this space to share with you. Remember how much God loves you and how far you've come since the first time you acknowledged and received His love. No matter what you're going through, never forget He will always be there for you. He loves you. Stay encouraged and when you're able as much as you can continue to share His love. 

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